Inteligent Solid Fuel Boiler with computer and fan which regulates the access of air and save of fuel.

Keep your house warm and dont worry about price of heating oil.
Prices of boilers:
10 KV up to 100m2 house 800 euro
12 KV up to 120m2 house 880 euro
15 KV up to 130m2 house 990 euro
19 KV up to 160 m2 house 1050 euro
23 KV up to 180m2 house 1110 euro
27 KV up to 220m2 house 1160euro
37 KV up to 280 m2 house 1259euro

The cost of buying the boiler is back after 2 years of using (different price between oil and fuel)
Buy you boiler today 10 % cheaper and set before winter time.

Free delivery in all Ireland !!!!

Warranty and service.
085 138 1901